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 Mission Statement

We are committed the preservation of The Isaar Community, economically, socially, and environmentally. We continue to better the Isaar Community by providing recreational events for our youth, as well as aiding our local businesses who support our community with jobs. The Isaar Booster Club stops at nothing in order to better our Community.


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Information about Isaar Booster Club

the Isaar Booster Club was founded in order to further unite the small Community of Isaar, Promote the bsinesses in Isaar and further improve the community. Our focus is on providing Parks for recreation, providing housing for those who want to live in Isaar, encourage educational and religious proceedings in Isaar, and we strive to preserve this community and those who live here.

 Isaar Community Today

Isaar is a small unincorporated community in the town of Seymour in Outagamie County, Wisconsin, United States, in the northeastern part of the state. Isaar has the same Zip code as Seymour and Isaar is part of the Seymour Community School District. In 1867, Isaar was founded by German immigrants from Bavaria who settled in Isaar as part of the Homestead Act. This town was named by the new settlers after the Isar River, in their homeland. Today Isaar is known for St. Sebastian Catholic Church. Although that too has come to pass ever since September 2007, When the last full time resident priest left Isaar. Isaar is also home to a number of clubs such as the snowmobile club called the Isaar Trail Riders and the Isaar Booster Club.the downtown area of Isaar is located at the intersection of County Hwy VV and Isaar Road. Isaar has always been known as a small farming community and continues this tradition even today. Currently, Isaar has a tavern/restaurant, a construction company, a food processing plant, and a nursery as well as few other businesses within its business district. Isaar is also just 10 miles away from Green Bay, Wisconsin.

History of Isaar Settlement

Isaar is located in the northeast corner in the town of Seymour. Isaar, named after the Isar River, in Germany, was founded in the late 1860s by Bavarian immigrants. The town's founding families were as follows: Kroner, Hackl, Ebert, Liebhabers, Krause, Wirth, Schmidt, Brugger, Hartl, and Noll.

In 1893, the Isaar Community’s request for a church was granted by the Roman Catholic Bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Green Bay, Sebastian Gebhard Messmer. The St. Sebastian Church, named in honor of Bishop Messmer's patron saint, Saint Sebastian, was a wood building constructed by Isaar citizens on John Kroner's land (which is believed to have been donated). This church was finished in 1893 at a price of $100. A cemetery was grown to the north of the church two years later. The rectory was constructed in 1916 and Isaar Church was no longer a mission. In late December 1929 a fire destroyed the original church. The brick church that stands here today was built shortly after the wood church burned down.

Ebert’s Store, which was the general store, grocery store, saloon and dance hall was constructed in 1900 and is today the Isaar Inn. South of Ebert’s store was the blacksmith shop built in the 1890s. Isaar's First School was built one mile north of Isaar in 1898 Known as Seymour School District No.7. In 1902 a tavern was opened up by John Kroner to the North of the church cemetery. A sawmill was opened, by John Schmidt and Henry Wirth, 200 feet east of Kroner's Tavern in 1908. The first Cheese factory was built in 1890 by Jacob Noll just a mile north of Isaar. In 1918 another Factory, A cooperative cheese factory was started by Isaar farmers. This factory which is just north of the Isaar Inn, was operational up until 1993.

 History of St. Sebastain Festivities

St. Sebastian church had also at one time a annual church picnic day where all parish members could spend the day together playing baseball and other games. St. Sebastain was also known for there locally famous "Annual Porky and Pancake Supper". This event use to bring is revenue for the church youth organization and run by volunteers of the community. This charity event was known for having Potato Pancakes, a favorite meal for the Isaar Community. In 2002 St. Sebastian Church hosted their 50th Anniversary of this event and was subsequently the last Porky and Pancake Supper Isaar has hosted. Low Volunteer tournout has been atributed to the colapse of this Golden event.